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  Electrification of industry establishments

  Our company does all activities from electric projects to montage of factories or workshops. Our expert technic team does the wireding for distribution of energy, panels, lighten systems and electrical otomation systems in the establishment.

  Power transformer stations, energy transfer line and distribution   establishments

  Project engineers and technic team do Project of energy transfer lines and transformer stations and mounting. LV and MV transfer lines and mounting of transformer are done pleasely under the control of electric engineer.

  Uninterrible power supply and voltage regulators

  Mounting of without a power supply is done by our company from 1KVA to 300KVA. The need of UPS of establisment and mounting of upparatus are projected and contralled with command systems.

  Grounding and lightning systems

  Whole Works which include from testing lightning systems and grounding systems of establishments, choosing devices to projecting and mounting are done.

  Security and fire alarm systems

    Projects include projecting fire perception systems and security systems of establishments, choosing devices and mounting are done by our company.

  Engineering and Project services

  All kinds of subject such as electricity machine and electronic are done under the control of electricity engineer and machine engineer engineering and Project services about Project and products are done.

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